What are auto insurance rate trends right now?

CarInsurance.com’s recent article “U.S. auto insurers’ rates significantly increased in 2023” explores the regional variations in car insurance costs, shedding light on the factors that contribute to these differences. Here are the key takeaways: Whether you’re a driver seeking affordable coverage or an insurance professional navigating the complexities of the industry, this report provides valuable […]

What is insurance inflation?

Across the United States, car insurance costs have surged, experiencing a staggering 19% increase compared to previous years. This surge marks the most significant annual rise since 1976. However, the impact is even more pronounced in states like Florida, where extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent and destructive. Insurance companies in the state are […]

Why is my new/used car so hard to insure?

A lot of factors contribute to car insurance rates. One of the most detrimental is, unfortunately, one that’s also very much out of our control as car owners. According to USA Today, car theft is on the rise. Protecting an asset that someone can literally drive right off with makes it an expensive endeavor. Check […]